Broken Mirror

Inside a Chinese Marriage

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Aurora Teo Mei Ling was born in 1967 in Northern Philippines, the only offspring of a Chinese immigrant and his young Filipina mistress who died in tragic circumstances.

Aurora endured abuse as a child and neglect as a teenager. As a young adult, she plunged into relationships with men who took advantage of her innocence. She married a man from China and tried to be a traditional Chinese wife, enduring untold sufferings.

Finding her voice, Aurora reveals
what went on in her life and reaches out worldwide to other women in similar circumstances.

Her message to them is — you're not alone and never give up your dreams!


Coylee Gamboa has a Master’s in Communications from Stanford University and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of the Philippines.

She was the financial markets editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong and a news editor of the Business Times of Singapore.

Based in Manila today, Coylee is an editor and a book writer who assists people with their life’s work and memoirs. She also takes photographs and paints. She collaborates with the ecumenical Marketplace Leaders Foundation and the Pimentel Institute for Local Governance on initiatives for national transformation.


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